Our $98, 15-Minute Guarantee

18 Jul by Avery L Jenkins, DC

Our $98, 15-Minute Guarantee

If we’re not on time, you get your money back. Guaranteed.

Your time is money. We respect your time with our 15-minute guarantee. We promise that if you make an appointment for a CDL medical exam, your examine will begin within 15 minutes of your completion of any necessary paperwork. If your CDL medical exam does not begin within 15 minutes, the entire exam, including paperwork, will be free.

That’s right. Free.

Even if you can’t make an appointment, and just walk in, we will in most cases be able to see you with very little waiting. We do get busy here, but we are also set up to make your CDL medical exam as streamlined and efficient as possible.

We also provide the most affordable CDL medical exam in Connecticut. You pay us $98, cash or credit card, and that includes all necessary tests, including urinalysis.

$98. 15 minutes.

Oh, yes. One more number you want to remember:


That’s our phone number. Don’t wait. Call today.


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